Tuesday, April 12, 2011

classroom in April

fraction kites (my partner teacher's wall)

 food pyramids and Brag Tags

 Focus Wall - We were doing a Unit on Camouflage at the time and these are all projects/pictures the students brought in.

 Vocabulary words - focusing on prefixes, base words, and suffixes

 Seed Mosaics projects. Its a mess. I know. They installed that beautiful new AC unit finally, but left HUGE holes in my wall. That's why I had to put that ugly piece of chart paper up and scatter the projects like this. 

George Washington Projects from The First Grade Parade


  1. I love your prefix/suffix posters! Are these words that ya'll encountered during reading or are they spelling words? It's a great idea! Thanks for sharing your pictures too! I need to start taking more pix of my classroom and how it changes seasonally.
    Wild About 2nd Grade

  2. Thanks for the kind words Erika! Sometimes I wonder if anyone is even looking at this thing? haha. We use Imagine It! for our Lang Arts adoption and those words are their weekly vocab words. I am obsessed with seeing other teacher's classrooms and would love to see yours! :)