Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to Me!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week everyone! All of you bloggers out there really inspire me and make me love my job even that much more, so thank you! I bought myself a little gift, or actually a lot of little gifts, at TpT. I went totally nuts and am too embarrassed to admit how much I spent, but I thought, "you know what? You deserve it!' and went ahead and bought everything on my wish list. Eeeek! I haven't even had time to go through all of it. Sooo excited! I know the kiddos are going to love it all. 

On another note, Mother's Day is coming up and I had to go and be a copy cat. Growing Kinders had this idea posted and I thought it was too precious. Plus, I didn't have to spend a dime! More money for TpT! lol. Here are some pictures...

Our laminator was broken at school and I went to my friend's class to complain to her and she offered me her little personal laminator. I actually had one already, but had never took it out of the box. Well, now I am obsessed. I swear, if I could marry this Scotch laminator, I would. It is AMAZING! I did A LOT of laminating today and it never bubbled or wrinkled, was actually pretty fast, and the lamination itself is pretty thick. I of course blamed thanked my friend for my new found obsession and went back to my class to find something else to throw in the machine. In case you are wondering, the machine is super cheap. I think I payed like $20 for the machine and 50 laminating pouches at Costco or WalMart/Sam's Club. 

Well, I'm off to print my new purchases and do some laminating. Wild Wednesday night, I know. 


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