Sunday, June 5, 2011

Linky Party!! Top 10 Favorite Teaching Things

I haven't posted in fooooorrrreeevvvveeeerrrr. Things have been crazy and super stressful. I got a lay off notice and am just waiting and hoping that California can get it's act together and I can get my job back. On a happy note... blogging always cheers me up and Deanna's  favorite things post made me think about some of the things I love and couldn't teach without. Linky Parties also make me happy. Feel free to link your favorites at the bottom of this.  

1. My Scotch laminator : It cost me $18.99 for the machine and 50 laminating pouches at Sam's Club.

2. Sharpie fine point pens : enough said.

3. iPoint pencil sharpener : Okay everyone. Student teaching and credential classes did not warn me about the thing that would drive me the most crazy. Pencil sharpening. It took me 4 years to figure out a system that works for me and this sharpener has been my savior. It was like $15 and has lasted me years. It sharpens pencils REALLY well. Better than the Xacto ones most teachers have. Costco. Get yourself one. 

4. Sterilite storage drawers : I use these on my desk. See my classroom tour photos for more explanation. I just like how clean they make things look. 

5. Swingline 3 hole punch : This was one of my "bigger" purchases. Well worth the money.

6. A ladder : I know this is soooo random to some people, but I got so tired of hunting down ladders that I bought one my second year. Best idea ever. Costco and not expensive.
7. Fabric: Now if only I can stay in one classroom long enough to experience the amazingness of not having to change your bulletins.

8. Starbuck's Venti Black Iced Tea with 2 Splendas : So the closest Sonic to me is like 40 miles away and I don't drink soda anymore so this is my addiction.

9. Staple remover: I know what you are thinking. "Brittney, what teacher doesn't have a staple remover?" But this is a wall one! When I found this little treasure, I decided to set her up with my ladder and send them on a date to my classroom walls. Too many teachers before me had left their staple stragglers all over the walls and these two made such a great team and got rid of them all super fast.

10. Lakeshore Learning All Purpose Teacher's Organizer  This has to be their top seller. I was lucky enough to find mine in their warehouse. This is a great gift for new teachers. 

So what do you all love? With summer here, I know we all have some shopping to do! Link up here and let me know what you could not teach without.


  1. I buy laminating pouches at SAMs club for 20.68 for 200 laminating pouches. My laminator is one of my top favorite things

  2. You def. don't have to buy the "Scotch" brand laminating sheets. Just buy the huge 200 pack at Sam's for $20, they work fabulous!! :)

  3. I've heard so many teachers say that their laminator is their favorite classroom purchase. I may have make the investment.

  4. I sent a message on an old post so I didn't know if you would see or not. Do you know who made the poster of How to be a good student you have by your rules? I thought it might be Carson Delosa but it's not in their catalog or online. I love it! If there is a maker and or item number on it could you tell me?

  5. It is Carson-Delosa! You should get a prize for recognizing that. The item # is CD110029. Hope you are able to find it!

  6. Hi Ms. Male,

    Do you remember where you got the magnetic staple remover from and the cost. I would love to buy one for myself and for another colleague.

  7. I got mine from Lakeshore. I can't seem to find them on their website though, so it may just have been something mine carries? You can do a google search for staple remover and they come up. It wasn't any more than like $7 when I got mine. I'd pay a million for it though. ;)

  8. Oh, and it's not magnetic. Just an ordinary wall staple remover.

  9. I am in the market for a new electric pencil sharpener so I was thrilled to find your recommendation; however, I just checked on and it was >$57 (!) and had all poor reviews (one star). I'm wondering if maybe it's a different model number or something.....

  10. hmmm... I definitely did not pay $57! It was no more than $15. The one on Costco's website is a bigger version of the one I have. Try doing a regular search. I have had this thing for 2 years and it works great. Maybe the bigger one has more problems? I would give you the model number but it's packed away in storage.