Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Freebie!

Hey Bloggy Friends! I just wanted to share with you all what I do for birthdays in my classroom. Mine is coming up -- 2 months away, but it's close in my mind. ((I've even started a Pinterest board full of gift ideas so when people ask me what I want I don't have to answer with the usual "hmmm. I dunno.")) 
Soooo.... back to what I do in my classroom. 

I print out one of these... I color it and type their name on it. I obviously had to take the name part off so it would be more "blog sharing friendly".  ((I have such a love/hate relationship with PDFs right now. ))
You can click on the picture to get a copy of it.

Then I make a class set of this... the Birthday Boy/Girl gets to share some things that want for their birthdays and I draw a quick sketch of it on the board and label it. Then the students head back to their desk and draw what they wish they could give the birthday b/g. It can be something we discussed or something else. ((In kinder - I had a boy that would always give the girls a princess Barbie. Sooo cute!)) Then they sign their name, turn it in to me, and I make it into a book. Also, in kinder I would use a tracing font so the kids could trace Happy Birthday ____ and Love, ____. 


  1. What a sweet way to celebrate birthdays together! I love it--thanks for sharing!

  2. That's super cute!!!!!