Thursday, September 5, 2013

ABC ... practice with printing and letter sounds

I'm baaaaaack! So much has happened in the last year and apparently planning a WEDDING got in the way of my blogging. Yup! That's right, I got married. I am now Mrs. Brittney Sanderson! So exciting! I can't stop using these exclamation marks!!! It's been tricky starting the year with a new name. I keep saying to the kids "Ms. Male....I mean Mrs. Sanderson." They probably are thinking I have multiple personalities. Anyways, so with a new name and new house (yes, we tackled that milestone as well) come other new changes. I went to ITeachK! this summer in Vegas and realized, I need to start selling my stuff on TpT. I held off for so long because I really love getting stuff for free and giving back, but at the same time I would like to make some money. So without further ado... my Teachers Pay Teachers page is up and running. First item for sale:

It's a packet that includes one page per letter. Print them, pass them out to the kiddos, and BAM independent work time. They get practice with writing the letter, identifying the letter, and learning the letter sound. Here's a sample of the Bb page.
So if this looks like something you could use, please head over and buy it. Leave me some feedback too. First person to write a comment here with their email (because I just want to make sure anyone is still reading this - lol) will get it sent to them for free! 

I will be back this weekend with some pictures of my classroom for you all!

Brittney SANDERSON :)


  1. These look awesome! Thanks!!!

  2. Welcome back! You've been away from the bloggy world for so long! Looking forward to more blog posts from you! Oh and looks like someone had a change in their last name :P

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