Monday, July 4, 2011

Classroom Behavior Stuff

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I'm sure most of you can relate, but I just have to say that I get sooooo excited when someone sees something on my blog and wants to use it or gives me a thumbs up for it. We all work so hard and I feel like Blogland gives us all a chance to make each other feel the love. Am I right? Okay so the number one thing I get requests for is my Ooops Behavior Log. I'm just going to go ahead and post everything I use for behavior purposes in my classroom and hopefully you can get some inspiration. If you are missing on font, or want some of the wording changed, just feel free to leave me a comment with your email. It's summer and sadly, I am still laid off so I have A LOT of time... 

Here is the behavior chart I laminate and hang. Just print them on to different colored paper.

This is the infamous Ooops Log! 

Here is the weekly behavior notice I send home to parents. It took me a long time to figure out a way that I wouldn't have to write in the date... Headers and Footers! Each student gets one page. For example, Student A's name would be on page one, twice. Student B's name would be on page two, twice. (Each kid is getting their own page... is this making sense? Geeez it's been a long day) So I have 25 students and they each get their own page. I change the header to week 1's dates and then the footer to week 2's dates and then print. It works for me bc I don't have to do ANY writing this way. All I do is color in the kids suns. Also, I send these home on Thursday and the kiddos bring them back Friday, when their homework is due. I had a lot of these get lost over the weekend. Which actually leads me to my next reason why I love this layout... if someone loses it, I just quickly print them a new page and color it in then and there. No copy machine trip.

A teaching friend found this contract online and I just did a little bit of moving around on it. (I wish I knew where it came from) For students that need a little more "attention" I use a daily behavior notice that I fill out several times throughout the day. I have only had to do this for about 4 students and it works well.

Here is the daily in a template you can edit. (no pictures)

And for all those amazing students that need a little note home...

Again, let me know if you want some changes or for me to email it to you so you can make your own changes!


  1. Thanks so much for posting these! I will definitely be using your ideas. I love the idea of a behavior log where the kids have to think about it and write about it. You're awesome! Hope you find something soon!

    Squirrel-Bottom Diaries

  2. For some reason your images aren't showing but I read your text. Thanks for posting I'm a new follower of your blog and would love for you to follow mine at

    Mrs. Shepherd

  3. Ah, I left you a comment on your post with your classroom pictures, which I'd stumbled upon from Pinterest!

    SO sad to hear you've been laid off! I hope you find something!

  4. Sarah- I am glad you may be able to use some of this. I think the behavior log has been good for me in sooo many ways. It gives the students a chance to reflect on their choice and it keeps the parents informed.

    Mrs. Shepherd - I just went ahead and reposted them. Sometimes googledocs can really make me crazy. Hopefully you can download now. Oh, and I already headed over and am officially a follower of your blog!

    PJ - Looooove Pinterest! Do you have one? What's the link? I'm always looking for teachers to follow. :)

  5. could you send me the oops log so I could customize it?

    Thank you

  6. You are amazing...thank you for sharing all of this! I am so excited to try this in my classroom! I love how your behavior chart lists the consequences and I LOVE the idea of having them write about their behavior! Thank you so much! I think this will solve some of my behavior issues with my 32 darlings!

  7. I just found this. I have a niece that could probably use this kind of thing. My question is (and SORRY if you mentioned it somewhere else!) what do the tickets get them? They've tried incentives with my niece before and it hasn't worked, so I'm wondering what your incentives are.

  8. Hey Mommy to 4! I do a monthly auction. I usually go to Target and buy 5 girl items and 5 boy items from the dollar section each month. Then I auction off the prizes. If they don't like them, the keep their tickets till next time. I don't like doing a raffle because I feel like the student who had one great day and got one ticket always ends up getting picked over the student who had a great month and had a lot of tickets. I just don't like the gamble. I want to make sure that they better their behavior - the more tickets they get - and then they are guaranteed a prize ((if they want it)). Hope this makes sense.

  9. I do a chart very similar to your weekly one but mine is blank. The kids then stamp in the blanks and I write a comment if a stamp is not earnt. It is fun for them and saves time colouring. Also kids cannot alter it to change the results( like colouring in one you did not colour)

  10. I would love to have this for my special friend in my class. Please email both to! Thank you!!! Deldreqka Scott

  11. I love that you have created and shared these. I just have one question. In this day and age of knowledge and understanding of the importance of physical activity, especially with so many kids on the autism spectrum and having sensory issues, etc., why would taking away recess be considered a smart punishment? If a kid is in trouble all day for not staying in seat, talking, wiggling, making noise, etc., then the thing that kid needs MOST is recess. Wouldn't you agree?