Wednesday, July 29, 2009

These are a few of my fav-or-ite things...

wow. blogging is addicting. or do you call it blogging when you are just looking at other peoples projects? 111 views! too bad 100 of those are mine and 11 are from my friends at the 2nd grade teachers' club. anyways...

i am loving these right now.

i could totally turn this into a class project with all of the chewed up crayons that end up on my floor.

i found another person to stalk now. (lucky you, chris)

how cute are these!?! they are made using those giant paper clips all of us teachers looooove. i could use these to keep the little one's papers clipped up on the writing wall (below) with the kiddlet's pictures on them (instead of the p)! or even on my white board to clip up lunch calendars or make up work. or what about making a bunch and giving them to the staff as welcome back gifts. and i could keep going but i still am not sure if anyone is even looking at this ;)

Okay and my last favorite thing... to share for today at least is this.

blogging 101: always keep track of where you are stealing ideas from so you can give them some credit. sorry. if you see this and you are the creator... let me know. believe me, i know all too well about wanting credit for things i make. i'm a teacher. remember? back to the picture. i am thinking this would be a cute project to make and display for back to school or open house. maybe some life cycle project or an all about me project?

okay ... that's it for now. 

maybe when i wake up in the morning i'll have 2 followers.


  1. well, that crayon idea is so cute! BTW-2 followers! ;)

  2. Hah! 4 followers, lady! AND you're finding more people to stalk! I'll be a thing of the past in a matter of days! I love the ideas! I attempted the crayon one last year, but never really got going on it. I got some cute crayons out of it, though!

  3. love the crayon pictures!! I am going to have to do that!