Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Comprehension Strategies Bookmark and Mini Posters

I posted before that I feel like I have nothing to offer because my district is very strict with what we teach and how we teach it. It needs to be VERY closely related to our Language Arts adoption, SRA's Imagine It! (the new Open Court). Well a few of your responded saying that you actually are fellow Imagine It'ers! I was soo excited and I immediately started digging through some stuff. These are some bookmarks I made that have the comprehension strategies on them. I am sure they can apply to other teachers out there too. Also, I am attaching some mini posters I put on my whiteboard. 

Mini Posters!



  1. Thanks for sharing they look awesome!

  2. Thank you for your talents! I am heading to 2nd this year after teaching 3rd for many years and these are simple, straightforward and lovely!

  3. I teach 2nd and we do Guided Reading AND Houghton Mifflin (We have the traditional SRA for intervention). I can still see where your bookmarks/posters would transfer. :)

    We (the reading specialists!) made similar bookmarks with pictures on them of reading strategies for figuring out tricky words. ie break it into chunks, what sounds like it, etc. And I think somewhere I have ones that are just about making connections, text to text, text to self, text to world. Right now my classroom is packed and probably somewhere in moving limbo...

    Just some ideas. :)

  4. Thanks so much for sharing! It seems like there are tons of resources for Reading Street but nothing cute out there for SRA!! Hopefully we can change that :)