Sunday, July 31, 2011

I am soooo loving all of these giveaways right now...

One of my most favorite blogs to read lately is Kristin's from A Teeny Tiny Teacher. Her friend's daughter just got a job at a charter school that is ... are you ready for this... IN A MALL! Seriously. Read her posts on it. Hilarious. Also, she is a Big Brother fan and I loooove me some BB! Anyways, she is having her first giveaway. (($20 to Barnes and Noble)) Head over and enter! 

A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Another fav, Doodle Bugs Teaching is having a sticker giveaway! I am sticker crazy and love just about every single thing she makes. I just need my job back to I can start buying her stuff. In the meantime, I will just enter her contest, cross my fingers and hope I win! 

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